Hear My Voice is a game for Brackey's Game Jame #2 under the theme of "love is blind" in this game you play as one half of a pair of space fairing explorers who are both in love and in danger. You must lead your partner to each exit using only your voice, but be wary, once your partner thinks they know where you are, they wont stop walking  forward until they hear you (or one of the malicious beings masquerading as you)  again.  Can you help lead your lover safely home? 

Controls: arrow keys to move, space bar to call your partner towards you

Note: This game is very much a work in progress and serves more as a proof of concept than anything. This not only is my first game jam, but it is my first time using unity as well. I'd love any feedback you have so that I can start progress and work towards become proficient in unity.  

Note2: There are only 5 levels and completing the fifth one will end the game (and by end i mean not allow any more user input on the webGL version since application.quit only works for executable. 

Thanks for taking the time to play my game,



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